A Piece of Turf

‘Look! Look! Here is two square feet of the world!’ Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, 1975


A Piece of Turf is a collaborative publication of drawings and text by myself and writer Beatrice Karol. The work responds to the ecological complexity of a small patch of turf and observes this slice of living, bristling undergrowth. Roots tangle in soil. In the soil excrement. In the soil leaves. In the soil wings legs eyes. Where cells meet cells. 


Dandelions, daisies, meadow grass, plantain, rhizome, beak, wing and bacteria fall into one another, haphazard and teeming. The body of work explores the idea that ecology is dark, mysterious and magical. Presented as a collection of chinagraph drawings, monoprints and fragmented prose, the work was exhibited at Yorkshire Artspace and the publication is available in my shop.




What exists in the twists of a leaf?

Where a stem folds to kiss the earth the leaves on the earth the grit in the earth the expulsions of caterpillars and a fly's crystal wing.