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A Piece of Turf

A Piece of Turf


A Piece of Turf is a collaborative publication of drawings and text by illustrator Jamie Mills and writer Beatrice Karol. The work responds to the ecological complexity of a small patch of turf and observations of this slice of living, bristling undergrowth.

36 page publication
Single colour risograph
Printed and bound by Earthbound Press

roots tangle in soil in the soil excrement in the soil leaves in the soil wings legs eyes where cells meet cells mycelia links roots in soil roots join rhizomes join stems join leaves join flowers petals twist and bend with leaves share volatile compounds a leaf smells a leaf on a leaf are left invisible footsteps foot and paw imprint on crushed leaf and soft soil air weaves between branches released carbon devoured tannins run twigs carried in beaks become nests become twigs become soil beneath leaves drop become soil petals bow become soil snow hides shadows chase light melts snow becomes rain becomes water in roots becomes shoots now leaves share air

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